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Encrypt your traffic through a secure VPN tunnel to ensure optimal security of your data and communications. A VPN tunnel secures your internet connection to allow encrypted communications for your data that you transmit to your mac server. It also provides the flexibility for remote users to be connected to network resources and services in their mac cloud when they are not physically on the same LAN.

Site-to-Site VPN

A Site-to-Site VPN provides secure traffic from your premises to your Mac Mini server or Mar Pro server hosted at our Data Center. This provides a constant full time connection for communication to and from your Mac Server. We can take a look at your existing hardware that will be connecting to establish the Site-to-Site VPN tunnel to see if it is compatible, or we can make a recommendation of a device that will be best suited to maximize on reliable connectivity.

Client-to-Site VPN

A Client VPN connection will allow your road warriors to access your Mac Mini server or Mac Pro server in our facility securely and efficiently. The connection can be established from wherever you are in the world to offer the ultimate in flexibility in encrypted communications. You can use a third party client or a native client on your OS to open connections and then the heavy lifting will be done on the VPN appliance that is hosted at our Data Center.

Through managed firewalls, communication to your hosted Mac Mini server or Mac Pro server will be secured via a VPN tunnel. There are a wide range of protocols and each has their own benefits and also disadvantages, but we offer all: IPSEC, SSL, L2TP, PPTP, or OpenVPN.