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Clarity makes Mac hosting simple. Buy a Mac Mini or Mac Pro system through Clarity to reduce time on the deployment of your Mac server. We will purchase the Mac server on behalf of the client in which they will assume total ownership and responsibilities of the hardware. This Mac hosting platform slots into our Mac Mini or Mac Pro colocation model as the equipment is yours and Clarity will be responsible to provide the space, power and pipe (internet connectivity). If you would like us to manage the hardware and assume all responsibilities of the Mac server, then take a look at the mac dedicated server model.

Clarity's responsibility

Our responsibility is to manage and provide a totally redundant environment supporting your equipment. This includes management of power, network and security of your Mac Mini or Mac Pro to ensure a reliable connection and stable infrastructure. Our Mac hosting solutions allows you to concentrate on your business and not your server.

The Client's responsibility

Under the Mac Mini colocation and Mac Pro colocation model, the server is your responsibility as it is your hardware. In the event of a failed component on the server, you are responsible to provide a replacement for the defective part or entire unit. Clarity may also provide parts for your unit based on inventory.

Benefits of Mac Mini Colocation and Mac Pro Colocation

By colocating your mac, your website, application and services will remain online - all the time. With redundant internet feeds providing reliable internet connectivity and power generators on standby to mitigate against unexpected power outages, your environment will always be available. Focus on your core business services and leave the infrastructure to us.