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Monitor your Apple servers to minimize downtime with various management tools that provide flexibility in configuring alerts to prevent outages. Customized reporting gives an overview of each monitors output to examine and track any faults with communication.

Even though your Mac cloud employs multiple redundancies at the Data Center, your website may go offline due to a corrupted update, bad configuration, server crash or hardware issue. By monitoring certain protocols and ports, you will be able to reduce downtime.

Monitoring your hosted Mac Min serveri or Mac Pro server yields many benefits. You can set hard disk storage thresholds to alert you when your disk is nearing capacity to avoid system lock ups and issues. Another monitor that our clients find useful is PING monitoring. This monitor will tell you when the actual server goes offline and is not responding, but sometimes your website may be down while your server is still up. Here is where HTTP monitoring will useful as it will notify you if the actual website is down.

Depending on the services that you are running on you Mac server, there are a slew of options to choose from in monitoring to ensure high availability.

A list of protocols that you can monitor include: HTTP, PING, TCP, UDP, DNS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP.