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Our Mac hosting services provide another layer of features and benefits to Mac server hosting.

Managed Firewall Services

With having your Mac server online and connected 24/7, a great deal of planning should go into securing your environment as well. Although Windows OSes are primarily targeted, there is a growing threat focusing on Mac OS X server and Apple's line of products. To mitigate against these types of threats, Clarity offers Managed Firewall Services in which our staff will manage all rules and security parameters defined by our clients. To learn more click here.


Be proactive and not reactive and get your mac backup online! This is often missed and for many companies there is not enough emphasis on this topic. A proper DR (Disaster Recovery) Plan should be implemented to prevent loss of data and corruption. Clarity offers backup options that will cater to all levels of protection. You can protect your data by backing up to a USB attached hard drive or we can draft a solution that will backup to an offsite secondary Data Center location at our Markham or 151 facility. To learn more click here.


Know when your server is having issues before someone tells you! Clarity offers customized monitoring tools that will monitor uptime status, prevent outages and reduce downtime. Monitors can alert you if your Mac server is nearing low disk space or has high CPU and memory utilization. To learn more click here.


Protect your information and communicate through an encrypted secure tunnel to minimize security breaches. With a VPN configuration in place, your hosted Mac will have an added layer of protection for communication to your environment for your clients and staff. IPSEC, SSL, L2TP, PPTP, or OpenVPN are available. To learn more click here.