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Mac Pro Hosting

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New to the stage, from Apple's line of high end processing power comes a brand new radically redesigned Mac Pro. Always pushing the envelope of innovation and design comes this sleek machine that can deliver the power of an enterprise server. This changes Apple hosting for Apple servers in a whole new way as it provides the foundation to run resource intensive applications on enterprise level hardware.

Hardware boasts up to 12 cores with Ivy Bridge Xeon processors. We provide configurations to add 64GB RAM and implement next generation PCIe-based flash storage (about 2.4 times faster than SSD hard drives). These configuration capabilities open up the options for our Apple fans that require the next level of processing power to add to their Mac cloud. Connectivity includes six Thunderbolt 2 ports, four USB ports, HDMI and two Gigabit ethernet ports.

Benefits of Mac Pro hosting

Our Mac Pro hosting options will provide high level computing for your Mac servers offering multiple redundancies in a state of the art Data Center facility. Whether you host your Apple servers in our 151 Front DC or 20 Pullman Court DC, your environment will remain online and available. Customized Rack configurations and shelving have been prepared in anticipation of the Mac Pro server. Racks are engineered for optimal cooling and heat extraction to ensure safe operating temperatures for your hardware.

Colocating your Mac Pro offers you the flexibility to host your own hardware in a facility that will be protected from power outages and internet disruptions. Additionally, security measures are in place to protect your Mac Pro server via CCTV (Closed Circuit Televisions) and manned personnel. With our Mac Pro Dedicated Servers, you will benefit from all the same redundancies and protection that you get from Colocating your Mac Pro, but under this model, Clarity will be responsible for all hardware. There is a 1hr hardware replacement guarantee on hardware in the event of a failed component.

Why Clarity's Mac Pro servers are the industry standard:

With our extensive expertise within the Apple world, your Mac Pro servers are backed by 24/7 support to ensure high availability uptime of your environment. Contact us today to see why our Mac Pro hosting packages are the perfect fit for your needs!