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There are two types of firewall services offered. The main differences are the features.

Managed Shared Firewalls

This is a Managed service in which Clarity will configure your security parameters and rules. It is a physical device on a shared cluster with other clients on a public vLAN. This means that you are protected from external IP addresses that are outside our IP s cope and subnet. However you will be visible to other clients that share the same IP subnet. If additional security behind the network is necessary, you can get a dedicated public vLAN or lock down your native OS firewalls.

Managed Dedicated Firewalls

This is also a managed service that you can add to your Mac Mini server or Mac Pro server that is hosted by Clarity. However, it is a dedicated appliance that is dedicated to your environment. Dedicated firewalls include a private vLAN to provide total separation and exclusion on the hardware layer through NAT. Even though clients are recommended to lock down their native OS firewalls, it is not absolutely necessary under this service. With dedicated firewalls you get additional features such as secure VPN connectivity for secure encrypted communications.