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Is payment due every month or once a year? Either, but many businesses operate on a monthly and therefore opt for a monthly billing cycle. However, you do have the option of paying for your Mac server in advance for the full year.

What sort of payment options do you accept?
Mastercard, Visa, Cheques

I would need two external mini hard drives used for backup, powered by the computer itself. Is this possible?
To host an external hard drive that is powered by the computer is $10/month extra. This can be used for Time Machine backups, Drive Cloning - using Carbon Copy Cloner, or SuperDuper, or simply as extra storage.

What happens if the computer fails (for any reason)? Can we send you another one to replace it? Are there any standard protocols that you follow in this situation?
Under the mac dedicated server model, the hardware is our responsibility and we will swap out the failed component, and depending on the issue, will even swap out the entire device. Under the Colocation model, the hardware is your responsibility and you can send us a replacement part or entire unit. However, depending on inventory, we may be able to provision the failed component for you. In that case, Professional fees may apply.

Are there port connection speeds greater than 100 mb?
A gigE (1 gigabit) connection port is available.

Can I use 2 different IPs if I connect an extra Ethernet adapter?

I would need to host a .ca domain name on my hosted server. Do you provide the services required to transfer domain names or at least provide any information so I can do it myself?
Clarity is not a domain name registrar. We provide the hardware and/or the infrastructure for your environment in which you can host your own server. However, our staff can assist with the process and provide expertise in hosting your own website (Domain Name Services, CNAME, A, NS record assignment).

Are there services that we cannot use? For example, FTP, HTTP, etc.?
We provide the hardware and/or the infrastructure for your environment in which you can host your own Mac server. You can run any service on your server but be aware of the security risks involved with running certain services. We recommend our managed firewall services for an added layer of security if your Mac server will be providing public external facing services such as FTP.

Is there a firewall protecting all servers at once or do we have to activate the one that's built-in the OS?
By default, your Mac server is open to the "world" and has an ANY to ANY rule set as it is given public IPs. You have the option of deploying managed firewall services provided by Clarity. One option is a shared firewall service in which basic security parameters are protecting your server by locking down ports and rules defined by you. Or, you can choose to deploy managed dedicated firewalls in which a dedicated appliance will be provisioned for your environment. This option offers greater features and flexibility such as VPN.

How can I send the server to you?
You can either ship the Mac server down to the 151 Front Street or 20 Pullman Court facility, or you can drop it off and deliver it yourself.

Who will configure the IP addresses, domain names, etc? Will it be you or do I have to do it before I bring/send it to you?
To ensure the quickest "turn up" after delivery, you can configure it before sending or delivering it. However, our staff can configure the Mac server for you but will require the credentials.

What are the deployment fees for Mac Colocation?
Under the Mac Mini Colocation or Mac pro service there are no additional fees for deployment.

What are the deployment fees for a Dedicated Mac server?
Under the Mac dedicated servers service, if we just leave the default factory install and assign an IP to the Mac, then there are no additional fees for deployment. Anything outside of this will require professional fees.