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A Dedicated Mac Mini server and Mac Pro server is hardware that is allocated and dedicated to you. We will provide the hardware to host your mission critical applications, websites and services. Think of the dedicated server model as handing over all hardware management and responsibilities to our technical team. This can sometimes be referred to as "rent a mac mini or mac pro". If you have your own hardware and want to host it with Clarity, then take a look at our Mac Colocation Model.

Clarity's responsibility

The Mac Mini server or Mac Pro server hardware is our responsibility as we are providing the hardware. In the event of a failed component, we are responsible to troubleshoot and swap out the defective part with a replacement, or replace the entire unit at no extra charge to the client. Furthermore, our responsibility is to manage and provide a totally redundant environment supporting your equipment. This includes the management of power, network and security to ensure a reliable connection and stable infrastructure.

The Client's responsibility

This hosting service package produces the least amount of overhead for our clients as all hardware and surrounding infrastructure are managed by Clarity.

Benefits of Mac Mini Dedicated Servers and Mac Pro Dedicated Servers:

By letting Clarity host your Mac Mini or Mac Pro dedicated server, all hardware related issues will fall under our support hierarchy. Let us manage and maintain your environment to ensure total availability for your clients and your team.

Whether you have a Mac Mini server or a Mac Pro server you are in capable hands at Clarity.